Monday, August 6, 2012

Faded Dreams

Faded Dreams

I once dreamt of a place
a sanctuary, a haven
where the Earth was cool and soft
a summer nights breeze blew gently through the meadow
making the grass ripple and shimmer
like the waves of the sea.
The clear indigo sky was scattered with thousands
of shining specks
glimmering in an eternal darkness.

A full moon cast a silver veil over the peaceful scenery
reflected in the mirror of a trickling pond
with flashing fireflies flickering over placid waters.
As I lay sprawled on the soft, moist bed
gazing upon twinkling stars
inhaling deeply the crisp night air
I spot a dark figure swoop across the midnight sky
and smile in anticipation of seeing again
my friend, guardian, and gateway to this sacred oasis
She is so beautiful, my guardian
moth dust silver eyes and pearlescent horns gleaming in the moonlight
bat-like wings folded delicately at her sides.
Trotting towards me on four furred paws,
marble claws digging into the soil,
her head held high in regal grace,
she lowers it to nuzzle my cheek
telling me it is time to go.
I rise from my resting place, climb upon her back
and nestle my head in her silky, indigo-violet fur
as she takes off, soaring up,
up into the wind, the heavens
the meadow shrinking to a minuscule dot
then vanishing into the forest that we glide above now.
The air flailing my short blond curls wildly behind my head
makes me throw up my arms and revel in my freedom,
the irreplaceable joy that fills you up, makes your face glow, eyes twinkle
causing your lids to shut, a silly grin plastered on your face
and, for just one moment in our troubling lives,
to be truly, purely, and unexplainably happy.
Looking back upon that moment,
that amazing, incredible, spectacular moment that occurred deep within my brain,
I realize now that I couldn’t have savored it enough
for, though innocence kept me from knowing then,
I would only reach my sanctuary a few more times,
until, like tar devouring a wailing infant,
it, along with the rest of my world,
melted into the abysmal void
that plagues me as I slumber.
~Caeli MacLennan
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